In 2001,Yoji Ueki formed the group,KOMA,with the musicians who love the Japanese musical instruments.KOMA plays various Japanese musical instruments such as Wadaiko,Tsugaru Shamisen,Koto,Shakuhachi,Shinobue and Uta.KOMA perfor med mostly in Kansai with making it's own music style.In 2002,KOMA succeeded concerts at the concert halls.Then,KOMA went on tour.From 2005,KOMA gave concerts in Saudi Arabia,Algeria,Ethiopia,China and France.2012 was the tenth anniversary. KOMA hands down the fascination of the Japanese musical instruments through it's music.

What dose KOMA mean?

KOMA means spinning a top that everybody played in it's childhood. KOMA has a wish that each musician and audience enjoys the music and creats a pleasant atmosphere,together. In February 2004.Performed in Shanghai at Shintenchi Live House ARIC. In November 2005.Performed in Algeria and Ethiopia. Performed at "the Japan Industry 2005"in Saudi Arabia. In November 2007.Performed in Saudi Arabia. In March 2008.Performed in Saudi Arabia. In November 2008.Performed in France.